Tuesday, 10 August 2010

lets smash a plate in silence's face

i'm hunched in front of the computer with the space between my lips clogged with Rimmel Pointless I'm Trying To Look Much Older Gloss and itchy eyelids from the horrible mascara that I'm wearing because I really do not want to get kicked out of a pub again.
And I don't honestly feel very much like blogging
but here I am because i've been so silent

I went to Endorsit festival and had my face painted with flowers by an attractive woman with no manners and drank expensive beer that I didn't pay for and sweated a lot in a crowd hot and sticky with dubstep and waving their glow sticks. I was too drunk to care about the fact I don't thoroughly enjoy dubstep. But fucking hell, that was amazing fun. Then I had chronic hiccups for hours and the group of us engaged in a conga line massage and danced and turned down sex from hairy strangers and felt up for anything but sleep. and sex from hairy strangers.

then the next morning muddy and dejected i dragged myself home into the warm domestic comfort of my bath tub and soaked until my skin had no trace of festival left on it.
and here we all are.
and i'm so sorry :)

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  1. ALEX! this is amazing, good to have you and your blogging back ;D