Monday, 21 June 2010


It's just fun now. I urge you to try it.

Daddy issues tangle in your hair grip your roots like dirty grease and make your boyfriend run
you love him it them when why do you try and eat the peel of the orange rather than the broken segments little orange squidgey sunrises collapsing from the stem and hit my poor mouldy feet they hurt like bowling balls and go to shake the tree its far too warm for pink armpits under the green sky which turns out is a reflection in the river, the river which I'm under eating the stones I eat and eat and eat and eat and bloat like a bean bag i swim, i sink, i swim, i sink, you laugh and laugh and fall in after me CRASH your head cracks above the sharp spheres of brown and grey blood all over your favourite vest and red and white always tattooing the inside of my eyelids i see it when I sleep now, that crimson rush on your white vest that eyelash brushing your white face my frozen thoughts on your white mind i am you. who are you by the way?


  1. do this all the time. then i take one complete 7 word phrase and use it as the first line of a poem, and then i do it again and use the phrase as the last line of a poem.
    the phrase has to be special though. it means you think about the words, afterwards. they can be greatly helpful. helpless.
    <3 don't you find the imagery surrounding you in every day life just all tumbles out?

  2. i. love. you.