Thursday, 4 March 2010


to-day somebody told me that vanity wasn't their forte.
what i assumed they meant was they didn't LIKE it.

as i was walking home thinking about this,
i began pondering the following:

vanity is this inescapable quality that burrows deep into the corners of certain peoples personalities and would quietly slip away to stew in its hunger if only it would stop being so stuffed full of delicious clothes and makeup and compliments from people with shining admiration.
if only it would stop being fed, it would slink off or perhaps melt into something less unappealing. self-acceptance, maybe.

and what is really bizarre is
vanity seems only to thrive on appearance

and the people who are the least vain
are usually the ones who deserve to be the vainest
but then if they became so
they wouldn't deserve it any more.

well this was a load of obvious repetitive garbage.


  1. actually, i think you are right on.

    XXX, Kim

  2. Alex, your blog is INCREDIBLE! i am enjoying reading this so much, it is possibly the best one i have come across so far.
    i sound like such a suck up. i don't care. you are a brilliant writer :) xx