Tuesday, 30 March 2010

aren't you afraid of the wolves?

i love angela carter

i love wolf-alice
and the strange theories it spews into my mind

what defines humanity?
is a human not merely a flawed wolf?

in becoming so unflinchingly and almost sickeningly civilised
we have forgotten and neglected our primal roots...

"eve and grunting adam."

what big eyes you have

what big arms you have

what big teeth you have

what a massive ego you have got...

"all the better to gobble you up with!"

we are all hairy on the inside

and your eyes see only appetite.


  1. Wolf-Alice is the only one in "The Bloody Chamber" that confuses me because I don't think her underlying message is quite as clear in this one as in her other stories. Feral children are fascinating though. Heard of Oxana Malaya?

    My favourites are The Snow Child and The Erl-King. Her metaphorical style is amazing...

  2. we have our moments (: i LOVE 500 days of summer! marc webb is quite a compliment (':
    nawr, i think he'd cringe if he saw it hehe.

    i'm loving your writing more and more, you describe things in such a cool way!